• Nicely-priced, particularly in comparison to Apple’s battery charger
  • Foldable kickstand is sweet for multi-tasking
  • Light-weight and simple to carry whereas regarding go
  • Could price your own system whereas the battery charger by itself is actually billing


  • Maybe not very best for a “quick price”
  • The battery charger by itself takes some time to very top up
  • Often need acquisition a MagSafe situation otherwise simply take your own recent situation off to make use of
  • Maybe not suitable because of the iPhone 12 otherwise 13 mini

Ever before given that Apple presented MagSafe, cordless billing in iPhones features by no means already been the very same. Via a fast breeze regarding right back, your whole battery anxiousness vanishes. 

As some body which features at all times had actually a interest for moveable cordless battery chargers, and also features an iPhone that magically goes down to 50% by means of lunchtime, Anker’s brand new 622 MagSafe battery bank could not have actually come at a much better times. 

In addition to having the ability to very top up an iPhone entirely, the MagSafe-compatible battery charger additionally features a foldable kickstand to prop up your own telephone. , for these occasions if you’re reduced in battery however require to FaceTime your own household in the past function otherwise binging the most up to date period of the Bachelorette? Merely me personally? All right. 

I have been screening the most up to date battery charger, operating errands for the active roads of NYC, and also placing the $59 device to the last word endurance take a look at. This is an profile of my personal on the whole expertise and also why I feel it is a no brainer when you’re an iPhone individual, also. 

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4.13 X 2.62 X 0.5 ins 


5 ounces 

Battery capability

5000 mAh


5 volts 

Magnetic Add-on 

9N (900 g) 



Billing Port

USB-C otherwise Lightning 

Being compatible 

iPhone 12 otherwise afterwards (other than for mini), MagSafe-compatible AirPods and also instances

Colours  Bluish, grey, white, violet, and also eco-friendly



Made via portability in brain  

Certainly one of my personal preferred elements of the Anker MagSafe battery charger is actually the sleekness. It is not cumbersome otherwise flooding via further cords that We need track. Even though it arrives via a USB-C wire, I have not had actually the require to make use of it for the reason that wirelessly billing is actually trustworthy adequate. The battery charger takes up a great section of the right back of my personal iPhone however is actually small adequate that it only looks like I actually have a bulkier situation in, and also perhaps not some digital block. Also throughout my personal commutes to function, whenever a lot of the on-the-go billing is actually carried out, Ihave actually really felt relaxed adequate having the duo in hand otherwise in my personal pocket. 

That stated, We was actually additionally satisfied by means of the stamina of the MagSafe magnet. The battery charger only snaps onto the right back of my personal telephone rather than provides. That’s except that you decrease your own system from, claim, workdesk elevation, otherwise forcibly detach the 2. 


Sticky notes for range. 

Christina Darby/ZDNET

We will certainly claim that to take a look at the battery charger We performed have actually for a MagSafe situation because it was actually perhaps not appropriate for my personal unique iPhone 12 Professional situation. Meaning that, when you’re perhaps not currently utilizing a MagSafe-certified situation, it would be good to purchase 1 — for billing and also security’s benefit. In the event you’re a risk-taker, it’s also possible to set a reckless iPhone because of the Anker battery charger, so long as it is an iPhone 12 otherwise older and also perhaps not a mini design. Observe that MagSafe battery charger succeeded’t shield your own telephone from bumps and also cracks and also is actually perhaps not an alternative to a situation. 

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Multi-faceted for multi-taskers

This is the place I feel Anker’s item really separates by itself from Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack: the foldable kickstand. In the exterior of the battery charger is actually a flappy, foldable kickstand that generates a triangular base. On this setting, you are able to possibly established the iPhone in portraiture alignment otherwise yard, for scrolling otherwise viewing movies. 

I have been with the kickstand as a solution to price my personal telephone whereas viewing movies as We prepare yourself for function for the early morning. It was actually additionally helpful whenever We required to FaceTime my personal household whereas reservation vacation trips and also my personal iPhone was actually reduced in battery. Ihave actually also propped my personal iPhone up alongside me personally whereas functioning, in situation of a vital notice, e-mail, otherwise message. 


The foldable kickstand is actually a welcome function. 

Christina Darby/ ZDNET

Just what We actually cherished in regards to the kickstand function was actually that it was actually seamlessly incorporated and also hassle-free to make use of. That’s, it really did not really feel love an “add-on” Anker incorporated last-minute to give the item extra recognized. It is possible to claim that kickstand was actually made to fulfill the practicality and also truth of many circumstances by which your own telephone battery drains, from Facetiming, movie online streaming, otherwise only scrolling by means of countless slides of reports and also messages.

An additional style function that contributes to the straightforward and also sensible nature of the Anker battery charger is actually the 4 lightings that suggest the battery stage, so that you’re by no means blindsided when the battery charger provides away in that you. Normally, the less lightings that blink, the much less battery the battery charger features. 


LEDs regarding backside suggest the battery stage of the battery charger.

Christina Darby/ZDNET

Billing times and also battery existence

Just like many moveable billing products, that you however need price the battery load by itself. We get a hold of it takes some hrs — in regards to 6 — to completely very top up the device. As for precise battery existence, all of it is determined by just how typically and also that which you’re billing. From my personal expertise because of the iPhone 12 Professional, the Anker 622 features already been capable of final in regards to 2 and also a fifty percent days in the past needing to get recharged. 


Anker’s 622 battery charger in activity. 

Christina Darby/ZDNET

However, the block is actually on no account a “quick battery charger” otherwise mosting likely to increase telephone battery existence substantially over some mins. For my personal early morning regular, which entailed examining maps and also messages, and also paying attention to a podcast, the Anker battery charger was actually enough adequate to keep up my personal current battery stage. Meaning that, by means of committed We reach the workplace, We often have actually in regards to 88-91% battery as an alternative of currently sneaking down right into the 70s otherwise 60s. 

Backside line

In the event you’re for the marketplace for a dotted moveable battery charger that is perhaps not also cumbersome, will certainly no-cost that you up of any kind of billing cords, and also doubles as a kickstand, the Anker 622 is the finest wager. The iPhone succeeded’t price as quick as it will whenever connected right into a Lightning wire, however the ease variable alone would possibly market that you regarding MagSafe device. 

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Christina Darby/ZDNET

Options to think about

In addition to the Anker 622 MagSafe battery charger, these tend to be best options to additionally think about. 

Although extra costly, Apple’s MagSafe situation is actually somewhat less heavy and also thinner than Anker’s and also is actually suitable because of the iPhone 12 and also 13 mini. It would not have actually a kickstand, however it really does have actually a trustworthy, magnetic breeze, providing your own iPhone an abundance of help and also approximately 60% extra battery. 

That $39 alternative from Belkin is actually best for MagSafe-compatible iPhones, outdated and also brand new. Even though it, also, really does perhaps not have actually a kickstand, the battery charger is actually small and also trustworthy adequate for customers regarding go. 

That Mophie battery charger features a 5000mAh battery and also a smooth style. Yet for under $49.99, you are able to dual up on the iPhone’s battery for lower than Anker’s otherwise Apple’s choices.