• Abundant, broadcast-quality audio
  • Consisted of surprise place or wind display tend to be superb
  • Container-like develop high quality


  • Ought tohave actually include a USB-A to USB-C cable television
  • In-device knob is actually a little arduous to show
  • Standing LED makes substitute wind displays bothersome

Rode’s raising track record inside the shopper house has actually already been predominantly developed about XLR-based sound devices, just like the budget-friendly Pod Mic otherwise the still-affordable Procaster microphone

Lots of people see analog or XLR just like the strategy to go for finest sound constancy, widest versatility, or a lot of expert audio. 

On the other hand, USB microphones tend to be typically viewed just like the straightforward method away, supplying easy, low-cost connection at the fee of high quality. 

The XDM-100 really does an important work of demolishing these preconceptions.

As clear, the launch of its gaming-focused sub-brand, Rode X (which that microphone becomes part of alongside their wonderful sibling, the Rode X XCM-50), signs a brand new starting for Rode, the place it makes an attempt to wed their track record for superb audio using the relieve and value cost savings of counting in USB as an alternative of XLR. Convincing customers that such a factor is actually potential isn’t an unimportant job. 

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Luckily, for Rode or budget-conscious players or streamers, the mixture of those 2 brand new microphones using the brand new Rode X Link software program (no-cost via every Rode X acquisition) generates several of the essential remarkable audio Ihave actually listened to from USB-based products, or 2 of the only means to provide sound that also big-name streamers needs to be satisfied via.


Sort Vibrant
Pick up Sample Finish-address cardioid
Regularity array 20Hz – 20kHz
Connection USB-C
Surveillance No-latency 3.5mm analog headphone outcome
Little bit deepness 24 little bit
OS being compatible  Home windows 10 otherwise afterwards, MacOS 10.12 otherwise afterwards
Consisted of equipment Pop protect, surprise place, headphone cable television, USB-C to USB-C cable television
Measurement or weight 52W x 52D x 213H millimeters, 700g

Demonstration video clip

Ihave actually tape-recorded a mic check that consists of each the XDM-100 additionally the much smaller XCM-50. For those who’re merely thinking about the XDM-100, possible miss to 1:51 to listen to that in activity. Yet, I would suggest enjoying during in order to get an concept of the audio variations in between the 2 versions, or of the functionalities of the Rode X Link software program that are going to be your own predominant method of tweaking that audio. 


Construct or efficiency

Rode X XDM-100's front and back

The consisted of wind display has actually a very small, transparent pass-through for mic’s clue LED.   

Michael Gariffo/ZDNET

Literally, the XDM-100 very closely appears like the Rode Procaster pointed out overhead, yet includes some flare via their grey coloration or purple accents. Whereas this provides the tool adequate flash to-be a well-known as a pc gaming item, the purple is actually additionally tasteful adequate that it could additionally appearance ideal at dwelling in professional photos equipment.   

The grille of the Rode X XDM-100

It is virtually a pity to make use of the consisted of windscreen whenever the grille seems that great.  

Michael Gariffo/ZDNET

The XDM-100 characteristics the very same extraordinary develop high quality as their sibling. Truly, but, a a lot bigger tool via a 700g mass. You will need a durable smash upper arm maintain that large young boy in position. Rode consists of a surprise place to enable you in that venture.  

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The wind screen and shock mount included with the Rode X XDM-100

The addition of a bespoke wind display or surprise place considerably contributes to the worth of that $250 worth direct.  

Michael Gariffo/ZDNET

Also at $250, the XDM-100 nevertheless really felt such as an important worth as We very first established it. The consisted of equipment created We really did not need to devote further for a 3rd party place otherwise filter, whereas the USB connection removed the demand for further sound products. The mic is actually in regards to as plug-and-play as possible receive, or nevertheless exceptionally versatile due to the Link partner software program We showed inside the video clip overhead. 

The Rode X XDM-100's USB-C port

The 1 or just link the XDM-100 actually requirements to operate.  

Michael Gariffo/ZDNET

Naturally, the comfort of USB-C connection or Link would not issue when the constancy of the mic it self faltered. Luckily, it was actually startlingly great. We uncertainty I would estimate that was actually a USB-based option in a careless listening closely check. There’s not one of the aforementioned squeezing that dampens the high quality of a lot of all-digital audio. The sound created is actually abundant, complete, or amongst best of any type of microphones Ihave actually examined, maybe not merely the USB versions. 

The cables included with both the Rode X XCM-50 and XDM-100

The XDM-100 arrives via a USB-C to USB-C cable television or a headphone extender cable television for tracking.  

Michael Gariffo/ZDNET

We need to emphasize just how remarkable that is for $250. That worth will certainly receive that you the whole lot you may need for sound apart from a smash upper arm. Quite a few of the XLR microphones Ihave actually examined for ZDNET first start from $350 to $400 for merely the microphone, with no surprise place, pop filter, otherwise needed user interface or mixer. For $250, that version will get that you exceptionally near to several of best sound record Ihave actually ever before expert. That is a substantial accomplishment for a launching item from an solely brand new line.   

Backside line 

Rode X's XCM-50 and XDM-100 microphone's size comparison

The XDM-100 beside their much smaller XCM-50 launch accomplice.

Michael Gariffo/ZDNET

As We pointed out on the leading of the assessment, the XDM-100 is actually a ultimate toenail inside the casket of the concept that USB sound has actually to audio such as everybody’s unfavorable concept of exactly what USB sound seems like. Ihave actually examined XLR microphones that could be placed to pity by means of the outcome of that version, whereas nevertheless needing the extra support of a USB user interface otherwise mixer merely to provide that substandard audio. 

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Is actually it potential to provide much better audio than the XDM-100 could supply should you perform decide for XLR? Naturally, yet you have to give consideration to that you simply’re considering anyplace from $100 to a number of countless bucks of further arrangement expenses. And also that is thinking your own XLR mic it self is not extra costly, as well as that it arrives using the pop filter or surprise place, just like the types equipped using the XDM-100. 

The bottom line is, any individual in need of expert vocalists or big-budget podcasters needs to be solely material using the sound high quality of the XDM-100. Rode verified that it “will get” players using the launch of that brand new Rode X line by means of displaying it may possibly create pro-grade devices that is straightforward to make use of, with out compromising high quality otherwise wanting down in their designated viewers.

Choices to give consideration to 

The unique best for great high quality, USB-based sound has actually adhered about for a purpose. The Blue Yeti from Logitech is actually a solid-sounding mic that offers all you actually need in order to get began in your sound trip. Wear’t allow the less costly worth idiot that you, it is in the same level using the XDM-100 for weight or measurement, indicating you will need an similarly beefy smash upper arm should you wear’t intend to make use of their consisted of stand.

The Rode Procaster is actually the XDM-100’s XLR-based relative. It offers an identical audio account for somewhat lessbut would require one supply a USB-interface, mixer, otherwise some other XLR-based audio tool. It is an important get should you have already got the some other equipment elements you will need, otherwise should you’re figured out to keep on with analog-only audio.

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HyperX is actually a brand name a lot of players needs to currently understand. The QuadCast S microphone is actually unabashedly “gamery,” consisting of a full-on mild showdeserves of dance RGB LEDs inside their physique to guarantee your own audiences all the time have actually anything attention-grabbing to take a look at, also should youhave actually run off for a biography damage.

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