4 years after releasing the X-H1, Fujifilm has actually ultimately accompanied it via maybe not merely 1 yet 2 versions. One in every of these is actually the highest-resolution APS-C electronic camera so far, the 40-megapixel X-H2. The different is actually that which we’re considering at this time, the high-speed X-H2S made for sports activities, wild animals taking pictures and a lot more.

The greatest characteristic of the X-H2S is actually a brand new piled, backside-illuminated 26.2-megapixel sensing unit. Their large rate enables ruptured taking pictures at as much as 40 fps, a lot faster autofocus and also minimized running shutter. It in addition assures enhanced picture top quality, and also will come via in-body stablizing, a high-resolution viewfinder, twin card ports and a lot more.


  • Quickly ruptured rates
  • Course-leading EVF
  • Superb movie abilities
  • Fantastic picture top quality


  • Stablizing maybe not fantastic for movie
  • AF however at the rear of Canon and also Sony
  • Costly for their course
  • Lacks Fujifilm’s retro beauty

These remodelings and also attributes put on’t come affordable, although. At $2500, the X-H2S is actually currently very pricey APS-C video cameras available, making use of exact same worth as similar full-frame versions love Canon’s EOS R6 together with Sony A7 IV. Is actually it value paying off that for a smaller sized sensing unit?

Physique and also taking care of

The X-H2S is not the traditional Fujifilm electronic camera. At 660 grams bigger and also heavier than the X-T4, although it’s a contact much lighter than the X-H1. It has actually a a lot greater hold also that imparts a sensation of reliability, ultimate in the event you’re attaching massive lens for sports activities otherwise wild animals taking pictures.

As discussed, the format is actually a lot more love competing mirrorless video cameras from Canon and also Sony than different Fuji versions. As a substitute of dials that screen shutter rate, coverage payment and also ISO just like the X-T4, it has actually typical entrance and also rear end dials. The only real 1 in leading is actually a setting selector, and also on the right back you’ve got a joystick and also D-Pad regulate. It is received a minimum of 12 switches, many of which will likely be reprogrammed for completely different capabilities. As making use of X-H1, it has actually a leading LCD that reveals main setups.

Considering that it’s made for sports activities and also wild animals taking pictures, which calls for altering setups about fly whereas preserving a watch about topic, the format is smart. Nonetheless, We recognize lots of Fujifilm followers desire the conventional dials – although at the least you can easily see setups about leading LCD screen whether taking pictures from hip. The only real regulate We didn’t look after ended up being the report key, as it’s very small and also awkwardly situated. The X-H2S makes use of the exact same reasonable food selection system while the X-T4, meaning that setups tend to be pretty straightforward locate.

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Additionally excellent for activity digital photographers is actually the digital viewfinder (EVF) that gives blackout-free ruptured taking pictures and also greater decision (5.76 million dots) than often the Sony A7 IV otherwise Canon EOS R6 (3.68 million dots every). It in addition loads a high-resolution, fully-articulating contact screen that permits you to regulate concentrate, fast food selection and also different capabilities.

For We/O, you receive a high-speed USB-C port via energy distribution, and also WiFi and also Bluetooth for electronic camera commands otherwise moves. Regrettably, Fujifilm’s electronic camera software for dwell check out taking pictures otherwise picture bring ins is actually pretty primitive (the reduced 1.7 Play Save ranking is actually a idea), stopping working to demonstrate situations love coverage and also sound degrees for movie, otherwise enable ruptured photograph taking pictures.

Movie customers receive each microphone and also headphone slots, together with a good full-sized HDMI jack for outside recorders. To deal with the additional rate and also movie abilities, it has actually a set of card ports, each UHS-II and also high-speed CFexpress. And eventually, the battery (the exact same type while the X-T4 yet updated) enables as much as 720 pictures in a fee and also properly over 2 hrs of 4K 30p movie audio.


Fujifilm X-H2S review

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Via as much as 40 fps ruptured taking pictures rates at complete decision, the X-H2S is actually a lot faster than any type of different APS-C electronic camera, yet you will find some cautions to that. It’ll merely struck these leading rates in launch, reasonably than concentrate top priority setting (implying it takes the shot also whether or not it’s maybe not in concentrate). That implies a whole lot of the photographs is blurred, meaning that it’s maybe not a practical setting for activity taking pictures. Dialing right down to 30 fps, but, We received lots a lot more pictures in concentrate together with struck charge ended up being almost excellent at 20 fps

Capturing making use of technical shutter, We noticed 15 fps ruptured rates, extremely respectable and also a suit for Canon’s EOS R7. In leading of that, the technical shutter may be very silent (and also sweet-sounding), specifically in comparison with the clattery shutter about EOS R7. In that setting otherwise the 20 fps noiseless setting, We ended up being in a position to catch upwards of 300 pictures each time to a quick CFexpress card – over 10 secs of taking pictures. That’s appropriate up there via sports-centric video cameras love Canon’s EOS R3.

The X-H2S is actually Fujifilm’s very first electronic camera via hen and also pet monitoring, and also may adhere to cars and trucks, bikes, bikes, airplanes and also learns. It functioned rather properly for a very first model, although it might shed monitoring relying about taking pictures slant and also different aspects.

Fujifilm X-H2S review: The most powerful APS-C camera yet

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Deal with and also eye monitoring, although, is actually best We’ve observed in any type of Fujifilm electronic camera. It keep tracks of easily and also tenaciously, providing you with a lot more pictures in concentrate. It in addition performed a superb work of obtaining a topic’s eye and also maybe not their own eyelashes otherwise nostrils in concentrate. In general, the autofocus about X-H2S is way enhanced from previously, yet maybe not fairly as much as Sony and also Canon’s requirements.

It really does defeat all their competitors with regards to taking pictures discreetly, although. The piled sensing unit’s swift rate implies it has actually very little running shutter in noiseless setting, meaning that you can easily confidently make use of it for taking pictures birds, wild animals, sports activities and also different fast-moving topics.

Appealing 7 visits via sustained lens, the in-body stablizing in addition executed properly for photographs, allowing myself receive stinging pictures at pretty reduced shutter rates. Nonetheless, it doesn’t function also for movie, as We’ll information soon.

Picture top quality

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Via an identical 26.2-megapixel sensing unit to the X-T4 (making use of enhancement of the piled modern technology), the X-H2S is actually amongst best APS-C video cameras for coloration rendition. All the things seems all-natural, whether or not you are taking pictures landscapes, pets otherwise individuals. JPEGs appearance excellent right completely of the electronic camera, via a a little much better steadiness in between sound and also honing than previously due to the tweaked coloration scientific research.

Just like the X-T4, it makes use of a dual-gain sensing unit, making use of candy areas at ISO 800 and also 3200. Excessive ISO efficiency is almost in the same level making use of X-T4, via sound moderately properly managed and also thorough preserved as much as pertaining to ISO 6400. It really does supply functional pictures past that, yet coverage demands getting appropriate otherwise you’ll have actually too much sound whenever improving blacks.

The 14-bit RAW recordsdata supply loads of area for modification, via some exemptions. Considering the dual-gain sensing unit, it’s much better to shoot at greater ISOs than attempt to shoot at the bottom ISO 800 and afterwards improve the blacks, as sound degrees tend to be greater. Nevertheless, you can easily improve blacks in high-contrast pictures by way of numerous visits without having any concerns. It doesn’t execute fairly also while the X-T4 on this respect, possible on account of the piled modern technology which could increase the sound flooring.