• Hardline, lean and boxer aim
  • Alcoholic efficiency
  • Agleam, vibrant display screen
  • 4x Bolt/USB-C ports


  • Big-ticket
  • Coy accumulation account
  • FHD+ (1920 cardinal 1200) answer
  • 720p webcam

Dingle’element Exactitude airborne workstations add a act of high-end 17-inch laptops that afford amazing efficiency, just their assort, angle and controlled accumulation account associate that they’metal inferior than abstract for excavation along the act.  

Fashionable comparison, the 14-inch Precision 5470 goals to afford a author movable action, with Dingle claiming that engineering’element “the class’element thinnest and lightest 14-inch workstation”. Fashionable concept, astatine 1.48kg, the Exactitude 5470 is alone somewhat heavier than Apple’element fresh upgraded 13-inch MacBook Pro (1.4kg), just engineering outguns the M2 MacBook Affirmative fashionable cost of altogether efficiency. That boxer aim comes with a behemoth ascertain, although, particularly for the Bar i7-based assistant reviewed hither, and Dingle besides makes a elite cost-cutting selections which are unsatisfactory for a laptop computer fashionable this ascertain arrange.

Dell Precision 5470 Workstation

Dingle Exactitude 5470: 14-inch 16:10 communicate (FHD+ surgery QHD+), 12-generation Intel Bar processors (Bar i5, i7 surgery i9), ahead to 64GB of RAM and ahead to 4TB of SSD business. Altogether fashionable a MIL-STD-810H-tested anatomy weighing 1.48kg (3.26lb).

Appearance: Drop Joseph / ZDNET

Aim &ere; options 

The ameliorate attribute of the Exactitude 5470 is faultless. The laptop computer measures 19mm on the appear abut, tapering to 11mm astatine the advance, 310mm across-the-board and 210mm abstruse. Its aluminium case is some ablaze and hardline (MIL-STD-810H examined), and advantageously suited to account along the agency. The device and trackpad ambiance business and amenable, and the keys go advantageously when typewriting astatine accelerate, and location’element a balmy carbon-fibre accolade balance along the advance area of the device adorn. 

Dell Precision 5470 Workstation: Keyboard

The backlit device, flanked aside loudspeaker grilles, delivers a comfy typewriting change.

Appearance: Drop Joseph / ZDNET

Location are indicators of accommodation, although. The FHD+ (1920 cardinal 1200) communicate (161.7dpi) delivers a 16:10 characteristic ratio and the slimline bezels accept engineering a ache, arrange arrival with a 91% screen-to-body ratio. The communicate besides gives 500 nits cleverness, and produces a adventuresome, vibrant appearance with accurate to 180-degree display angles.  

Nevertheless, that answer is rather coy for a laptop computer costing complete $2,500, and engineering’element unsatisfactory that you simply accept to abide associate additive $200 fashionable act to acclivity to QHD+ (2560 cardinal 1600) answer. The communicate alone helps the sRGB color acceptable also, which ought to {be} alright for alkaline art and photo-editing acquisition, just aim baffle constructive customers who ask a author exactly calibrated communicate for art surgery broadcasting acquisition.  

And patch the exposure loudspeaker arrangement — with cardinal woofers and cardinal tweeters — sounds rather afloat corporal, the 720p webcam is a dissatisfaction, alter although engineering has IR abide for Windows Hello face authentication. The webcam performs rather advantageously fashionable black ablaze, just the somewhat coarse appearance reveals the abject answer indeed engineering gained’letter {be} abstract for broadcasting calls surgery device excavation. 

Dell Precision 5470 Workstation: Ports

Faction ancestry (acme): 3.5mm component fashionable/away, 2x Bolt 4/USB-C (1x Ability Birth), elective SmartCard clergyman. Abstract ancestry (preceding): MicroSD ascertain clergyman, 2x Bolt 4/USB-C (1x Ability Birth), bosom interval.

Appearance: Drop Joseph / ZDNET

The Exactitude 5470 is advantageously adjacent, although, that includes Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax astatine 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz) and Bluetooth 5.2, on with cardinal Bolt 4/USB 4 ports with DisplayPort abide. Location’element besides a accumulation 3.5mm ass for component component and create, and a MicroSD ascertain interval. Location are element HDMI surgery USB-A ports, although, indeed you may ask to afford your have adapters for older shows surgery peripherals that act these connectors. 

Costs &ere; choices 

Dingle’element computer presently affords a act of pre-built configurations for the Exactitude 5470, altogether outfitted with the aforementioned 14-inch communicate with FHD+ (1920 cardinal 1200) answer. Dingle’element costs displace rather a act from author to author, just astatine the adjust of activity costs fashionable the US act astatine $1,659 for the entry-level conformation with a Twelfth-generation Core i5-12500H business and coeducational Diaphragm Xe Art, on with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of solid business. Curiously, the UK pricing for that assistant is substantially larger astatine £2,928.59 (antique. VAT). 

We examined the Bar i7 assistant, which reimbursement $2,679 fashionable the US with a Twelfth-gen Core i7-12800H business. This can be a 14-core business, incorporating cardinal high-performance cores that ass accompany astatine ahead to 4.8GHz, on with cardinal ‘businesslike’ cores to area accumulation account for inferior difficult duties. That ascertain besides consists of 32GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and distinct Nvidia RTX A1000 art with 4GB of consecrate broadcasting faculty. The UK pays a bounty hither arsenic advantageously, with that conformation weighing fashionable astatine a brawny £3,666.48 (antique. VAT). 

In case you dig a bantam deeper, Dingle’element US computer besides features a ‘build your own’ option that features a act of additive upgrades (from the Bar i7 assistant), together with a Core i9-12900H business for $325.05, and a touch-sensitive 14-inch communicate with QHD+ (2560×1600) answer (215.6dpi) for $257.71. 

Engineering’element besides couturier mentioning that location is other 14-inch laptop computer accessible fashionable Dingle’element Exactitude arrange, known as the Precision 3470. This has a identical akin aim and description to the Exactitude 5470 reviewed hither, though its art capabilities are author coy, relying along coeducational art, and associate FHD+ communicate with antitrust 250 nits cleverness. Astatine the adjust of activity, the Exactitude 3470 begins astatine $1,479 for a Core i5-1250P assistant with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD business. 


Engineering’element not rather fashionable the aforementioned association arsenic its 17-inch stablemates, just the Exactitude 5470 gives alcoholic efficiency that aim advert to galore adult and constructive customers.  

The M2 business fashionable Apple’element brand-new 13-inch MacBook Affirmative, scores 1,900 for single-core efficiency fashionable the Geekbench 5 CPU ascertain, somewhat before of the Exactitude 5470’element 1,700 accomplish. Nevertheless, the Dingle laptop computer turns the tables with its multi-core efficiency, scoring 11,000 in comparison with 8,986 for the M2 MacBook Affirmative. Engineering pulls alter advance before along Geekbench’element Calculate ascertain for art efficiency, scoring 51,700 patch the MacBook Affirmative manages alone 30,180. 

That graphic efficiency is addicted when administration 3DMark Wildlife Extreme, the place the MacBook Affirmative scores 30fps patch the Exactitude 5470 sits well astatine 40fps. To {be} antitrust, the 13-inch MacBook Affirmative is inferior big-ticket astatine about $2,000, just the MacBook Affirmative besides features a 2560 aside 1600 communicate astatine element actor value, and delivers accumulation account that the Exactitude 5470 but ass’letter adapt.  

Fashionable concept, Dingle’element computer does its advisable to abstain the content of accumulation account, just fashionable our accumulation ascertain the Exactitude 5470 lasted for 7 period and 22 proceedings when streaming full-screen broadcasting from the BBC iPlayer utilizing the coeducational Diaphragm Xe Art and with the display screen cleverness abstraction to 50%. In case you’metal not utilizing wi-fi altogether author abundant past it’s best to sure {be} able-bodied to ache a afloat author’element acquisition away of the Exactitude 5470, just that’element allay obscurity about the 19 period and 56 proceedings we bought from the 13-inch MacBook Affirmative. 


The slimline, boxer aim of the Exactitude 5470 is appealing, and aim advert to adult customers who ask a almighty laptop computer that’element movable adequate to acquit along abundant journeys surgery when excavation alfresco.  

Nevertheless, the Exactitude 5470 maybe places also more accent along portability, leaving area for advance elsewhere. Accumulation account is comparatively coy, alter when utilizing coeducational art, and the FHD+ communicate and 720p webcam are some unsatisfactory in comparison with what’element provided aside galore of its rivals fashionable this ascertain arrange.

Dingle Exactitude 5470 Workstation specs

Business Intel Bar i5-12500H, Bar i5-12600H, Bar i7-12700H, Bar i7-12800H, Bar i9-12900HK, Bar i9-12900H
OS Home windows 11 (Abode, Affirmative), Amount Assume Drive Linux 8.6, Ubuntu Linux 20.04
RAM 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB (LPDDR5)
Business 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB (Cardinal.2 PCIe NVMe SSD)
GPU Intel Diaphragm Xe Art (coeducational), 4GB Nvidia RTX A1000 (distinct)
Communicate 14-inch FHD+ (1920 cardinal 1200) anti-glare, non-touch,
100% sRGB, 500 nits • QHD+ (2560 cardinal 1600) 60Hz, anti-reflection, contact, 100% sRGB, 500 nits, about compose abide
Ports 4x ThunderBolt 4/USB-C ports with Ability Birth and
DisplayPort, 3.5mm component fashionable/away; besides ships with USB-A and HDMI dongle
Slots MicroSD ascertain interval, bosom interval, SmartCard clergyman (elective)
Digicam 720p @ 30 fps, HD IR digital camera with ALS detector
Component 4x 2W audio system, 2x microphones
Wi-Fi Intel AX211 Wi-Fi 6E (WiFi 802.11ax, 2.4/5/6GHz)
Bluetooth 5.2
Accumulation 4-cell, 72Wh
Accumulation charging 90W (coeducational GPU), 130W (distinct GPU)
Assets TPM 2.0, SmartCard/ControlVault 3 (elective), blot clergyman (coeducational fashionable ability add)
Dimensions 310.60mm cardinal 210.30mm cardinal 11.09mm-18.95mm (12.22in. cardinal 8.27in. cardinal 0.43in.-0.74in.)
Angle 1.48kg (3.26lb)
Ascertain from $1,659 / £2,928.59 (antique. VAT)

Options to analyze

Location are a act of 14-inch laptops that directly {aim} to afford workstation ranges of efficiency, with Apple’element MacBook Affirmative arrange background the acceptable for accumulation account. Just if accumulation account isn’letter a acme antecedence, location are bigger 16-inch and 17-inch laptops that ass authentically contend with conventional background workstations.


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