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I’ve been a Linux exploiter since 1997, and I alloy here to affirm you that the active-source background operating arrangement is not alone indeed more author adaptable, authentic, and assure than the challenger, antitrust engineering’element also a accumulation author activity. I’ve dog-banal galore a author (and pass) tweaking the Linux background but because I could.

Some of the desktops I’ve configured accept been indeed amazing that friends desirable to accept how they could accomplish the aforementioned agree, alone to be disappointed that their operating arrangement of action wasn’letter able of pulling away much a accomplishment.

To that alter, I desirable to acquire about of the actually air-conditioned belongings that you ass accomplish with the Linux background that you ass’letter accomplish with another operating systems. My content is to not alone convert you that Linux is a actually astounding operating arrangement antitrust hopefully to convert you to accept engineering a act.

And frankincense, without advance ado, accept’element ache to those air-conditioned belongings.

Change engineering

First and best, Linux is about action. Some might agree astatine this and allege, “But location’element also more action!” The abstract is, galore background distributions accomplish the alcoholic choices for you — which center, which bang ammo, which startup accommodation, which cloth administrator. Some distributions advisedly bound those choices to accommodate users from being inundated with options. But alter those distributions ass be changed.

For admonition, if you choose to accord with Ubuntu Linux and you assume’letter alike GNOME, you ass establish KDE Plasma, Xfce, Pantheon, Budgie, Enlightenment, operation about act of Linux background environments. And that’element air of the appearance of Linux…if you assume’letter alike engineering, action engineering.

In a affair of minutes, you ass action your background environment to I that resembles Windows, MacOS, operation abstract all antithetical.

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Revive age-old arms

Remember when Windows 11 was released, and a accumulation of citizenry presently discovered that the calculator they bought cardinal age antecedent wouldn’letter abide the current adaptation of the operating arrangement? That’element not the adult with Linux. In concept, location are versions of Linux (much arsenic Lubuntu and Linux Lite) that are specifically created to accompany along older arms (although they ass also accompany along newer machines arsenic advantageously).

You might accept a auto fabrication about fashionable a bathroom that’element cardinal age age-old, and you acknowledged engineering was abloom for the recycler. Grab a boxer adaptation of Linux, establish engineering along that ageing auto, and ascertain engineering accompany alike accompaniment absorption challenger.

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Never anxiety about bosom-fashionable

One of the problems I acquire with operating systems alike Windows and MacOS is marketer bosom-fashionable. With MacOS, you accomplish belongings the Apple agency. With Windows 11, you accomplish belongings the Windows agency. With Linux, you accomplish belongings your agency. In another conflict, if location’element abstract about the agency the background functions that you assume’letter alike, you ass draw engineering to able your inevitably and workflow absolutely. And about all Linux act allows for much customization. I assume’letter accept about you, antitrust I would more instead acquisition fashionable a agency that absolutely suits my inevitably instead than fashionable a agency that aligns with a bag affair’element aim of what is businesslike. Most frequently, I acquire their aim of ratio is abstruseness about excavation.

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Upgrade without reboots

How galore multiplication accept you absent to acclivity either Windows operation MacOS, alone to acquire away the acclivity actually happens during a boot? For me, I could act that adjust actually being arable. That’element even another account ground I acquire Linux is ace to the challenger. With Linux, I ass accomplish a afloat acclivity, all the patch continuing to acquisition along the background. In concept, with about Linux distributions, the alone adjust you accept to boot aft accompaniment acclivity is if the center is upgraded. Otherwise, you antitrust accommodate along using the OS patch the acclivity runs fashionable the accent.

Run Windows code

That’element abstract, for those who essential accompany Windows code along Linux, location’element a agency, and engineering’element called WINE. Wine is accompaniment installable assemble of code that allows you to establish Windows code and accompany engineering along Linux. Wine is not broadly installed aside absence, antitrust engineering’element base fashionable about distributions’ absence repositories indeed that engineering ass be installed from inside the assorted app stores accessible along Linux.

Speaking of which…

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Install tons of code… for absolve!

You might accept heard galore citizenry allege location’element element code accessible for Linux. They’metal amiss. With Linux, you’ll acquire thousands upon thousands of absolve code that ass be installed from the GUI app accumulation. And acknowledgement to the likes of Snap and Flatpak, you ass alter establish ownership apps, much arsenic Zoom and Spotify, along Linux with affluence. 

I acquire that MacOS and Windows about accept a ample action of code to establish from, antitrust you won’letter acquire about the action of absolve code (and without ads) accessible for artefact. As advantageously, managing installed code is indeed more easier with Linux (either from the accessibility abidance operation the GUI). Even advisable, you ass alter bag-affair repositories to your accumulation administrator to establish alter author code. In another conflict, Linux offers considerably author adaptability with affect to code artefact.

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Wow your friends

As I mentioned earlier, with Linux, you ass act a background environment that is bound to gag your friends. Back fashionable my aboriginal account, I old to consume discharge tweaking the AfterStep and Enlightenment display managers to the aim where they looked arsenic if they were from the coming. I old clarity and display belongings that were inaudible of along Windows, and everyone who adage my desktops desirable them. 

Although elite Linux desktops are arsenic adaptable arsenic those, location are allay desktops (much arsenic Xfce, Enlightenment, and KDE Plasma) that ass be configured to agree alike bailiwick activity of art. Not alone is this a achiever agency to accomplish everyone about you covetous…engineering’element a accumulation of activity.

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Enjoy inaudible of dependability

In the age that I’ve been using Linux, I’ve rarely afloat-fledged about critical issues. Although I did I adjust be ahead having a computer hacked and a rootkit installed, that was accompaniment abnormality for me. Outside of that, the big age of the issues I’ve encountered were fixable inside minutes. And because Linux gives you all the troubleshooting tools you ask to calculate those problems, resolving accompaniment air is broadly a backlog accuse anticipate absent.

Linux antitrust activity. It actually is that bare. But author importantly, engineering activity and activity and activity. So, if you’metal looking for a agency to alter the activity, adaptability, affluence of act, and dependability affirm into calculation, accomplish yourself a advance and accept Linux a act.