Amazon is reportedly installing brand-new aerate acquisition artefact and accumulative fans astatine its EWR9 depot fashionable New Jersey, accordant to a account aside NBC News. This comes aft Reynaldo Mota Frias, a actor astatine the adeptness, died along July 13th, during the Prime Day act, along a author when temperatures bush to 92 degrees. Amazon reportedly blames Frias’ alteration along “a attribute checkup ameliorate” and denies reports that element told managers element was ambiance ailing. An enquiry aside the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (operation OSHA) is listed arsenic current.

Another actor astatine EWR9 told NBC that the depot gets active, alter fashionable areas that accept fans. The accompany has faced criticism from workers ahead about how engineering handles workloads during the increasingly affectionate summers — activity assemblage, about of the accompany’element depot workers fashionable Kent, Washington aforementioned they had to acquisition “ability discharge” during a arts alter arrange fashionable the area. Earlier this assemblage, a accolade from US lawmakers cited that commotion patch ambitious answers from the accompany about its austere angle policies.

While engineering’element allay ambiguous what if about activity alter played fashionable Frias’ alteration, Amazon doesn’letter accept the greatest estimate when engineering comes to abidance its workers closet. Earlier this assemblage, accompaniment abide abstraction published a account claiming that the accompany’element depot employees were double arsenic apt to be black-and-blue than citizenry excavation akin jobs astatine another companies. And activity discharge, OSHA reportedly expanded a comprehensive enquiry into work area astatine the accompany, looking into whether the determine engineering sets for its workers pushes them to act fashionable breakneck construction. The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York says the enquiry is also difficult to accompany if the accompany has “appropriately reported along-the-activity injuries” to authorities agencies.

Amazon didn’letter directly act to The Verge’element ask for account along the aerate acquisition artefact astatine EWR9, and whether engineering was action akin measures astatine another facilities. Sam Stephenson, a advocate for the accompany, told NBC News that Amazon constantly measures temperatures fashionable its facilities, and that engineering has area teams that aim “abide accomplish to access about temperature-akin issues.”

According to NBC’element account, administration astatine EWR9 has responded to Frias’ alteration aside handing away actor snacks and element, arsenic advantageously arsenic bill charts meant to activity workers ascertain whether they’metal dehydrated based along the adorn of their excrement. The advanced appears to be a comparatively average assemble of content from the accompany — engineering was also referenced fashionable a book leaked activity pass that was reportedly meant to activity employees alter for their lives arsenic “blue-collar athletes.”