Acer Speedy Side

MSRP $1500.00

“The Acer Speedy Side is actually a remarkably lean and light-weight 16-inch laptop computer via a class-leading OLED display screen, however it really feels slightly lightweight and also their battery existence could possibly be much longer.”


  • Distinctly lean and light-weight
  • Stunning display screen
  • Dotted productiveness efficiency
  • Great battery existence
  • Reasonably valued


  • Adaptable framework
  • Innovative efficiency is actually missing
  • Computer keyboard is simply too free

For those who’re in search of a large-screen laptop computer aided by the energy to run the essential requiring imaginative programs, subsequently equipments just like the (extremely costly) Apple MacBook Pro 16 and also (way more inexpensive) HP Envy 16 have you ever coated. They’re bulkier and also heavier equipments, although, and also overkill for any individual whom needs a 15-inch laptop (otherwise bigger) for easier productiveness multitasking and also news usage as an alternative.

That’s the place a laptop computer just like the Acer Speedy Side SFA16-41 is available in, supplying a 16-inch OLED 4K+ display screen in a framework that’s remarkably lean and light-weight. Only exactly how lean and light-weight? Nicely, exactly how pertaining to 0.51 ins and a pair of.58 extra pounds? These tend to be amazing statistics, and you are feeling all of them the moment that you take the Speedy Side away of the field. There’s a worth to spend in rigidity and as in bucks, yet you receive numerous laptop computer to your financial investment.


Sizes 14.04 ins x 9.54 ins x 0.51 ins
Weight 2.58 extra pounds
Processor chip AMD Ryzen 7 6800U
Graphics AMD Radeon Graphics
Screen 16.0-inch 16:10 4K+ (3840 x 2400) OLED
Storage space 1TB PCIe Generation 4 SSD
Contact No
Slots 2 x USB-C 3.2 Generation 2
2 x USB-A 3.2 Generation 1
1 x HDMI 2.1
1 x 3.5mm sound jack
Cordless Wi-Fi 6E and also Bluetooth 5.2
Web cam 1080p
Running system Home windows 11
Battery 54 watt-hour
Value $1500

Value and also arrangements

At enough time of creating, there’s one setup of the Speedy Side, obtainable from often Costco otherwise straight from Acer. That you’ll spend $1500 for an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and also a 16-inch 16:10 4K+ OLED display screen. That’s a distinctly costs worth, however it’s justified partly by means of the extremely moveable style, quick elements, and also impressive display screen.

Slim and light-weight, yet at exactly what price?

The front of the Acer Swift Edge, showing the display.

As discussed overhead, the Speedy Side is actually ludicrously lean at 0.51 ins and light-weight at 2.58 extra pounds. That’s lower than a lot of 14-inch notebooks — and also rather multiple 13-inch equipments — and also it’s a lot thinner than the 0.58-inch Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 that’s in all of our listing of thinnest laptops (quickly becoming changed by means of the Speedy Side). It’s in addition significantly less heavy than the 4.71-pound Dell XPS 15. It’s onerous to specific exactly how poor the Speedy Side really feels in hand in contrast to the majority of different large-screen notebooks. It’s maybe not rather as lean once the 0.44-inch M2 MacBook Air, yet this might be as shut as Home windows notebooks receive.

Nonetheless, discover rates to spend for becoming that lean and also that mild.

To start with, a lot of notebooks We’ve assessed via lean and light-weight layouts utilize magnesium alloys fairly than light weight aluminum. The consequence is actually undoubtedly an absence of rigidity, in fact it is a lot of obvious for the Speedy Side’s extremely bendable display screen and also pliable key-board outdoor patio. It’s maybe not truthful to declare that the laptop computer is not strong, as a result of magnesium alloy is actually loads robust. However for those who just like your laptop computer to sporting activity a thick, stiff really feel, then you definitely’ll end up being dissatisfied aided by the Speedy Side.

Acer Swift Edge side view showing edge and lid.
Mark Coppock/Electronic Developments

One more discipline the place the reduced weight provides an affect is actually in their battery ability. The Speedy Side provides simply a 54 watt-hour battery, in fact it is reduced for a laptop computer via a 16-inch 4K+ OLED display screen. The LG Gram 16 2-in-1, as an example, provides an 80 watt-hour battery via a lower-resolution IPS panel, whereas the Dell XPS 15 provides an 86 watt-hour battery via a lower-resolution OLED display screen.

The Speedy Side had been a suitable entertainer in all of our battery checks, however the LG Gram 16 2-in-1 shows exactly how necessary battery measurement is always to battery existence whereas the MacBook Professional 16 shows the performance of Apple’s ARM design.

Internet searching Video clip PCMark 10
Acer Speedy Side
(Ryzen 7 6800U)
10 many hours, 16 moments 11 many hours, 5 moments 8 many hours, 38 moments
Asus Vivobook 17X
(Core i7-12700H)
5 many hours, 11 moments 10 many hours, 5 moments 6 many hours, 48 moments
LG Gram 16 2-in-1
(Core i7-1260P)
11 many hours, 31 moments 17 many hours, 58 moments 16 many hours, 39 moments
Dell XPS 15 9520
(Core i7-12700H)
9 many hours, 38 moments 12 many hours, 40 moments 11 many hours, 14 moments
Apple MacBook Professional 16
(Apple M1 Professional)
18 many hours, 35 moments 23 many hours, 11 moments N/A

Some ultrathin notebooks go through from remarkably superficial key-boards, however the Speedy Side doesn’t autumn right into that entice. Their key-board buttons have actually loads of deepness and also a unique click on whenever interacted.

Many people may get a hold of all of them becoming also mild, although. It’s maybe not the worst key-board We’ve assessed, however it’s maybe not the greatest, often. The touchpad is actually big and also accurate for a technical variation, via switches which happen to be peaceful sufficient, whether slightly abrupt. The display screen is not touch-enabled, which We miss out on.

One more discipline the place the skinny style doesn’t pressure compromises is actually connection. Surprisingly, the Speedy Side provides loads of slots, though Thunderbolt 4 is actually missing. That’s on account of the AMD chipset, although, fairly than the skinny framework.

We’d discuss a lot more pertaining to the laptop computer’s visual, yet there’s maybe not a lot to claim. The framework is actually “Olivine Grey,” and also there’s no bling. It’s a minimalist style are drawn to which means that a lot of notebooks as we speak, via absolutely nothing yet their excessive thinness to give it stand away. For those who need a laptop computer that pulls focus, subsequently the Speedy Side is not it. The bezels tend to be extremely lean, yet they’re in addition plastic, which detracts from exactly what would certainly if not end up being a modern-day appearance.

Nonetheless, Acer handled to slot in a 1080p cam, in fact it is wonderful, yet there’s no infrared video camera for Home windows 11 Howdy help. The fingerprint visitor ingrained for the energy option functions advantageous, although.

Maybe not a light-weight display screen

Acer Swift Edge display corner showing vent and display.
Mark Coppock/Electronic Developments

A 16-inch display screen needs increased decision to stay clear of rugged textual content and also pixelated pictures. The Speedy Side manages at a productivity-friendly 16:10 part proportion to go along with a 4K+ (3840 x 2400) decision, and also that’s a lot more than stinging sufficient. Also much better, it’s an OLED panel, indicating it’s vibrant, provides extremely vast different colors via excellent (yet maybe not outstanding) precision, and also their deep distinction gives for inky blacks.

Whether or not you are utilizing the laptop computer for productiveness function the place that you need stinging, grey textual content otherwise consuming news, that you’ll really love that display screen. The Speedy Side is not quick sufficient, as we’ll see, for requiring makers, in case it is advisable modify an image in a squeeze, subsequently the display screen will certainly suit that you.

Distinction sRGB gamut AdobeRGB gamut Reliability DeltaE
(reduced is best)
Acer Speedy Side
382 27360:1 100% 97% 1.44
Asus Vivobook 17X
278 660:1 65% 48% 3.39
LG Gram 16 2-in-1
323 1230:1 100% 87% 2.82
Lenovo ThinkPad Z16
485 1520:1 100% 77% 2.37
HP Envy 16
348 243010:1 100% 97% 0.74

The sound wasn’t as excellent, via simply 2 downward-firing audio speakers offering audio that’s ideal for your periodic YouTube video clip and also maybe not a lot else. Some bigger notebooks, just like the Dell XPS 15 additionally the MacBook Professional 16, offer significantly better sound high quality.

Quickly sufficient for requiring developers

Acer Swift Edge rear view showing lid and logo.
Mark Coppock/Electronic Developments

There’s little question the wonderful, spacious OLED display screen begs for requiring imaginative function. Nonetheless, the essential highly effective imaginative purposes use distinct GPUs to speed up a many jobs, one thing the Speedy Side doesn’t have actually. Provided the skinny framework that currently makes it challenging to relocation quite a few air about, it’s excellent that Acer handled to load in an eight-core/16-thread AMD Ryzen 7 6800U CPU. That’s a low-power CPU (15 watts to twenty-eight watts) geared toward lean and light-weight notebooks, which means that it competes most readily useful towards Intel Twelfth-gen CPUs for the exact same energy variety. Just lately, although, a lot of big notebooks (and also some smaller sized types) utilize 45-watt Intel Twelfth-gen potato chips so first start via a bonus.

Eventually, you are able to anticipate dashed productiveness efficiency in CPU-intensive jobs, nevertheless’ll end up being minimal in imaginative function on account of the slower incorporated AMD Radeon Graphics. And also We noticed that productiveness efficiency in all of our collection of benchmarks. From inside the dining table underneath, which checklists ends in each well balanced and also efficiency methods, We examine the Speedy Side to different big equipments with out distinct GPUs. Word the Acer’s efficiency setting had been a lot slower than their well balanced setting, suggesting inadequate adjusting otherwise thermic throttling concerns brought on by means of opening up up the CPU. It’s most readily useful to help keep it in regular setting.

Intel’s H-series Twelfth-gen CPUs had been much faster than the AMD potato chip, yet they’re higher-clocked cpus that melt a lot more energy. The Speedy Side’s effects tend to be very competitive sufficient the laptop computer will likely be relied on to spin by requiring productiveness workflows whereas taking pleasure in much longer battery existence.

(solitary / multi)
Cinebench R23
(solitary / multi)
PCMark 10
Acer Speedy Side
(Ryzen 7 6800U)
Bal: 1456 / 7085
Perf: 1457 / 6708
Bal: 115
Perf: 154
Bal: 1466 / 8543
Perf: 1316 / 5487
Asus Vivobook 17X
(Core i7-12700H)
Bal: 1698 / 8339
Perf: 1714 / 8558
Bal: 93
Perf: 87
Bal: 1681 / 11083
Perf: 1717 / 12552
Lenovo ThinkPad Z16
(Ryzen 7 Professional 6850H)
Bal: 1360 / 8648
Perf: 1365 / 8679
Bal: 88
Perf: 87
Bal: 1376 / 10938
Perf: 1374 / 11553
Dell XPS 15 9520
(Core i7-12700H)
Bal: 1470 / 9952
Perf: 1714 / 11053
Bal: 100
Perf: 77
Bal: 1509 / 11578
Perf: 1806 / 13313
Asus ZenBook Professional 14 Duo
(Core i7-12700H)
Bal: 1829 / 10819
Perf: N/A
Bal: 94
Perf: 82
Bal: 1793 / 12046
Perf: N/A
LG Gram 16 2-in-1
(Core i7-1260P)
Bal: 1682 / 9035
Perf: 1686 / 9479
Bal: 137
Perf: 113
Bal: 1524 / 6314
Perf: 1663 / 8396

Goal carried out, via compromises

You can find probably loads of those who need a big laptop computer via a impressive display screen for productiveness and also news usage, yet they put on’t wish lug about a large, hefty equipment. A minimum of, that’s exactly what Acer chances. For these folks, the Speedy Side is actually a amazing laptop computer.

It’s extremely lean and light-weight, and also but it gives dashed productiveness efficiency, great sufficient battery existence, and also an excellent aesthetic expertise. That justifies the costs worth of $1500, and also We’m joyful that it doesn’t go across the $2000 barricade, the place it might possibly be also costly. There aren’t a lot of different notebooks are drawn to it, which means that if this matches the efficiency needs, there’s little bit motive maybe not to check out the Speedy Side as the subsequent laptop computer.

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